The Nervous System

“The Nervous System” (2021)
Video, stop motion animation (7:48 min)

The Nervous System is a film about how “animals live inside other animals as stories live inside other stories”. The film deals with how stories can crawl, mutate, wait and attach, as insects can. It departs from the idea that stories – fiction, and nonfiction – shape our understanding of reality.
The film consists of animation, filmed footage, and drawings. It starts like a documentary, telling about the evolution of organisms, and that all humans are a symbiosis with other living things. But at a certain point, it’s unclear if the symbiotic relationship is benign, or parasitic. The film crawls, repeats, and itches itself into the mind of the spectator.

see also the etchings for this project

“The Nervous System” (2021)
Soundscape live performed by by H_U_T._  – de Cacaofabriek, Helmond

“The Nervous System” (2021)
Video installation (7:48 min) – de Cacaofabriek, Helmond

Mechanical isopod
Detail from “The Nervous System” (2021)