Marijn Dijkmeijer - fine art

video & printmaking

The videos dissect the stories through which we understand ourselves and our environment. I use different animation methods and different modes of storytelling to explore the nuances of stories. My working method is in line with the tradition of the essay film, as Gorin understands it: “essay film is not so much a genre, but a mode that “flirts with genres (documentary, pamphlet, fiction, diary … you name it)) without attaching to it.”

My choice for that method stems from my opinion that one understands reality through stories. The scenes in my films are constructed by layering elements from different sources, such as drawings, photos, stop-motion animations and video images. By collecting and merging stories and combining multiple images, I investigate movement and instability of meaning. In that way, it can expose the stories that shape our reality.

Previous & upcoming

Saturday, March 11, 2023
Saturday, March 3, 2023
Saturday, February 3, 2023
Animation and printmaking
During a printmaking symposium by Grafein in Centraal Museum Utrecht, I'll talk about how to combine printmaking and animation, and how to make etchings move.
Zinging Tangerine
Alongside 100 artists, I'll make a 7-inch single for Zinging Tangerine. All singles will be exhibited during an event in de Nachtzuster.
H_U_T._ Album release
The Nervous System will be screened during the album release of H_U_T._. Also the new edition of Murf/Murw magazine will be launched.

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