The Nervous System

Welcome to my graduation project!

These are my associations in response to your stories.

I will upload videos throughout the graduation show; the 24th of April until the 16th of March

And keep your eyes directed towards the door. The door opens and closes with the sound of the footsteps. Since I can’t look in the other room, I can’t see what is taking place. 

The door opens, you enter.

Something is taking place. 

Something is taking your place. 

The small grey animal enters the door.

I don’t believe what was said around the campfire. 

The circulatory system of vessels has grown in a knot. And yet, the circle has closed. The ground is filled with veins. If you look up, you’ll see I have circled for hours above the airport. But the landing was postponed.

intrusive thoughts you don’t need a doctor for, knit together neural networks. 

Al the end of the loop, you seem out of oxygen. Your eyes roll back into your skull, are you tired or bored?  

It’s time for some changes before we all go round the bend