The Nervous System

Welcome to my graduation project!

You can watch my film below. You can also respond to the video to participate in the project!

Do you want to watch my film? This year I worked on a video. The video is about how stories live in stories like animals live inside other animals. I believe that stories, fiction and non-fiction, shape our understanding of reality. This project examines the mutual relationship between the film and the viewer, and how they affect each other. 

With this project, I want to emphasize how stories circulate and mutate.

You can send me a story that you associate with the film on this page. You can also send your thoughts to 

It can be a sentence, an anecdote, a fact, or a memory. It can also be visual, like a picture or a drawing.

For my exam project, I am making a story that is parallel to the narrative of the film. It will be published on this website.